Adam Buick

Adam Buick

Adam traditionally uses a single pure jar form as his canvas to map observations from ongoing studies of his surroundings. He incorporates stone and locally dug clay into his work to create a narrative, one that conveys a unique sense of place. The unpredictable nature of each jar comes from the inclusions and their metamorphosis during firing. This individuality and tension between materials speaks of the human condition and how the landscape shapes us as individuals.

The commission for Twr y Felin Hotel has been a departure from the Moon Jar form, with Adam creating sculptural pieces, which he has named ‘Monoliths’.

 "I have long had an affinity with rocks, for me they hold meaning and presence beyond their form. When I stand with rocks or sit among them I am struck by their history, their origins, their primeval quiescence. They are not merely inanimate.

The title Monoliths gives reference to ancient standing stones, imbued with meaning by the selection, movement and placing of these natural rock forms. Often placed upright, this gave them a figurative nature. Old souls standing among us, reassuring in their longevity.

I wanted to create a series of works that spoke of our relationship with the very structure of our world. That these geomorphic forms have been altered or controlled references the human; our ability to create, to define and give meaning. I hope to give a sense that the living planet has histories beyond us, beyond our very comprehension. Honed, yet timeless in presence and humanised by making."