The Re-Enactment of the Adam de le Roche Legend - Saturday June 29th

Sponsored Walk, Roch to Llangwm on Saturday June 29th 2019

The first known inhabitant of Roch Castle was a Norman knight by the name of Adam de Rupe. His name probably derived from the rock on which the castle was built, "de Rupe" being "charter" latin for "of the rock". This name however was soon changed to the Norman (or French) "de la Roche".

The de la Roche family resided at Roche Castle for many decades defending the area from the frequent forays of the Welsh, whilst another branch of the family settled in Llangwm, 13 miles south.

Following Adam de La Roche’s death he was buried in Roch Churchyard, a legend reports that the next morning, his grave was found to be empty and his coffin was found beside the entrance to Llangwm church. His coffin was returned to Roch and reburied, but once again it was found in Llangwm the next morning.

The Friends of St Jerome's Church are hosting a re-enactment of the procession, which moved Adam de la Roche to his final resting place in Llangwm. This will take place on foot and with one horse.

Start 9.30am, arrive in Llangwm at approximately 4.30pm.

Adults £5, children accompanied by an adult free (pay upfront or raise it in sponsorship)

We’re also inviting community sponsorship of the walk. Entry forms and further details also from Cleddau Stores or

Heritage Llangwm/Friends of St Jerome’s raises money to enable the display of The Talking Tapestry of Langum in St Jerome’s Church

Deatils of the Walk

The walkers will be accompanied by a horse (Frank) carrying the ‘body’ of Sir Adam – which will miraculously turn into a scarecrow for Llangwm’s scarecrow festival. Frank will be accompanied by his carer.

Fit walkers are welcome to complete the whole 13 miles but the route will be divided into shorter segments for children and the less fit. Segment 1: Roch to Keeston 2.3 miles. Segment 2: Keeston to Rising Sun pub: 3.4. Segment 3: Rising Sun to Old Bridge: 1.9. Segment 4: Old Bridge to Little Milford: 3.6 miles. Segment 5: Little Milford to Llangwm: 2.2 miles

The route is mostly undulating and on paved byways. There are however short segments of rough bridlepaths and a shallow ford which can be bypassed on a small bridge.

Dogs welcome but must be kept on leads.

Water will be provided every few miles but we recommend carrying your own supplies of water and refreshments.

We’ll be raising money at Roch Castle, Haverfordwest Old Bridge & St Jerome’s, Llangwm.