Roch Castle Making Waves in Sustainability

Roch Castle, a stunning coastal hotel located in the heart of Pembrokeshire, has recently been announced as a shortlisted nominee for the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Awards in the Business Leader category. This recognition is a testament to the remarkable efforts made by Roch Castle Manager, Adelle Sutherland, in transforming the establishment into a plastic-free haven. Adelle’s dedication to sustainability and drive to create a greener future has inspired her team and set an example for the entire hospitality industry.

A Passion for Sustainability

Adelle Sutherland’s journey towards sustainability began with her unwavering passion for the environment and the desire to secure a better world for future generations. She envisions a future where people can enjoy the same opportunities her parents’ generation had, free from the worries of polluted oceans, climate disasters, and the loss of natural wonders and wildlife. Adelle recognises that those in power must prioritise sustainability in their decision-making processes to achieve this.

A Greener Operation

Adelle’s vision allowed her to implement changes in Retreats Group, three hotels including Twr y Felin and Penrhiw Priory. With Roch Castle being her primary focus, Adelle made it her mission to eliminate single-use plastics and adopt environmentally friendly practices throughout the establishment. By embracing this challenge, she aimed to demonstrate that going green is not as difficult or time-consuming as some may believe.

Adelle’s Efforts

Under Adelle’s leadership, Roch Castle has taken significant steps towards becoming a plastic-free haven. Single-use plastic items, such as straws, bottles, and packaging, have been replaced with sustainable alternatives. The hotel has implemented recycling programs and actively encourages guests to participate in reducing waste during their stay. Adelle has also been proactive in collaborating with local suppliers who share her commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the products used at the hotel are eco-friendly.

Inspiring a Greener Future

Adelle Sutherland’s remarkable efforts extend beyond the boundaries of Roch Castle. She aspires to be a voice for the younger generation, advocating for greener practices and urging those in power to prioritise sustainability. Adelle aims to inspire other venues to follow suit and demonstrate that sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into their operations by setting an example within the hospitality industry.

Roch Castle’s recognition as a shortlisted nominee for the Surfers Against Sewage Award for Business Leader is a proud acknowledgement of Adelle Sutherland’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Her determination to create a plastic-free environment and inspire a greener future sets an example for the entire hospitality industry. As we applaud Adelle’s efforts, let us also reflect on our collective responsibility to protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.